Michael Chernoff

Video Artist

I am Michael. I am a Video Artist with a background in media production. With a background in video production and experimental art I primarily create video installations, intermedia assemblages, interactive programming, and design virtual reality . The focus of my practice is what I called Video Archaeology, an interdisciplinary form of reseach dealing with the social conception and technical usage of video. On an electronic level video is purely a signal for making anything appear in the output of any kind of screen. Video on a physcial level however, is a space for interaction. Increasingly all types of activity is happening through video as medium for viewing and user control. Therefore video is always observation and whatever space video occupies is a surveillance space. The video enviornment I call VideoSphere is inside and outside of screens since all activity that appears with and and within video is surveillable. Although surveillance has been the purpose of video for a long time my work interfaces old and modern forms of video technology to learn about its applications and to discover new forms of signaling sustainable communication and response with a video enviornment as an immersive public sphere.  

Research Topics: Video Surveillance, New Materialism, Glitch Media, Interface, Signal, Perception, Compression, Systems Theory, Information Theory, 

2023 - MFA in Media Art Production from the Dept of Media Study, College of Arts and Sciences, University at Buffalo

2011 - BFA & Art Ed. Minor from the College of Arts & Ceramics, Alfred University NY