Michael Chernoff

Video Artist | Researcher | Educator

Jitter Video + MIDI Audio Game Controller  

MAX/Jitter, Vizzie & MIDI Program Objects

This patching project in MAX Jitter is meant to explore how to toggle video filter effects with a physical control device instead of menu selection clicks within software or knob turning and cabling with analog electronics. Using the ‘Hi’ MAX object a game controller can be accessed, depending on the model the buttons have to be mapped out differently. I assembled a modular video patch by running a camera feed through multiple Vizzie modules. Each Vizzie module is activated by the 4 right-side buttons, shoulder, and joystick pressing. As many or all modules may activated or de-activated. The dual joysticks control the values of the modules and play MIDI chip sounds. The D-pad also changes the mode of the MIDI instruments.

Screencap Still From Video Demo