Michael Chernoff

Video Artist | Researcher | Educator

THE LIBERTARIAN (2022) Short Film

Genre: Comedy
Format: HD Digital Video – Color
Run Time: 4:25 min - Single Take
Themes: Toxic Individualism, Libertarianism, Action Hero Archetype

Cast: Famous Clark - Libertarian & Tim Georger - The Other Thing

Logline: A rugged individualist is eating his can of beans in a dilapidated building so that no one else will take away the meal. His mentality already tinged by paranoid anger further tints his colorful imagination when some “Other Thing” starts moving around and closer to his earned liberty of a private meal.

     Official Electronic Press Kit

Screening UB Center For The Arts (2021)

The Libertarian at its core is silly. An isolated man wearing a batman mask eating a poor meal in squalor for unknown reasons and absurdly stands his ground against another goofy assailant. Often the subject of individualism as a problem occurs in my fictional productions. In the case of individuals who identify as libertarians their ideology originates from a historical setting that is no different from the fantasies of action heros and comic book characters.