Michael Chernoff

Video Artist | Researcher | Educator

Wiley World Wide Weather (2021) Media Art


$50.00 Video Production
Comedy sketch written and created with John Malmborg over 2 days. Recorded on a SONY Hi-8 camera captured within Final Cut. Features Chuck Wiley from the Rood World universe promoting himself as a weatherman, videos, and weather website covering the real impact of climate change. This story is set beneath another narrative in which Wiley has hired out a very cheap video production service within the online gig economy whose price is so low the provider uses obsolete video production equipment.

Weather Alerter
Durational segment, shot with Hi-8 signal sent to a CRT recorded by a DSLR in 1080p. Malmborg reads a “Severe Weather Report” from upstate New York from a website then moves on to improvised warnings for the remainder of the video. This spoken tone, microphone audio quality mimics the rough aesthetic of the severe weather warnings transmitted over television and radio stations. However the role played by John is anonymous, possibly connected to Wiley but is most certainly an independent broadcaster reiterating knowledge from the internet. The direness of the broadcast is emphasized with sync distortion and amplified color values added in post-production. This piece touches upon the urgency of diasterous weather brought on by climate change but with a humanistic instructions rather than just robotic commands.