Michael Chernoff

Video Artist | Researcher | Educator

PATS: Pledge Allegiance To The USA! (2019) Video

What would happen if someone publicly asked you to say the “Pledge of Allegiance to the United States?” Would you want to say it or politely decline? If you said it who would say it with you? Does the request make you happy or is it an angry at the proposition? It’s manipulative and...who’s asking here anyway?  A couple of PATS!* That’s who asking.

Starring myself and John Malmborg as Ernie & Daryl, we went to the New York State Capitol grounds and requested anyone nearby if they would say the Pledge, with us. What started out as a jest turns yields a very interesting social experiement. 

Videographed by Michael Andrews 2019. 

*PAT(S) is a code name for an American Patriot, someone who fully professes their love,  devotion, ande defence of the USA by any means necessary.