Michael Chernoff

Video Artist | Researcher | Educator

Nuo-Synthesis Illustrations (2013-2018)

Pen & Marker on Bristol Paper

Nuo-Synthesis is an interpretive drawing style which comes about through my own stream of consciousness. The image is a map of elements which are diametrically opposed to one another yet coalesce together as; 

Organic & Inorganic
Animal & Machine
Matter & Energy

In a space of time the two fields of details are interwoven to create a superstructure - a larger entity.
In a personal way the image reflects how the outside is affecting my body while my memory is sorting inside. 
The illustration is a continous cognitive map of my affective states as I draw out a form from forms overtime.

These drawings are also analogus to my research in the interface and signal processing of video.
Like all visual art, media art is a metaphysical space where any material can be arranged infinitely.
The spatial arrangement creates alternate realities and possibilities of time.
It is the paper that is the screen where I interface with my own thoughts.
But the subjects themselves interface with each other as virtual objects.
These drawings have a digital thinking process with an analog output.